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About Whitetail Sports Camps


At Whitetail Sports, we pride ourselves in developing high quality coaching programs and sports camps that ground themselves in the fundamentals of physical activity and education. We aim to create a fun and safe learning environment for our young athletes to grow in their own journeys to become physically literate 



Founded in 2019, Whitetail Sports is primarily a sports coaching company that provides sports camps for school age athletes during school holiday periods.


With over 20 years experience in the education and coaching fields, owner Nicholas Jones prides himself in providing fun and enjoyable sports camps that are grounded in the Manitoba P.E curriculum, helping to develop and nurture a life long love of being healthy and active whilst fostering a positive team environment. 


Camps focus on developing physical literacy as well as providing the opportunity to try a variety of sports that athletes are not always accessible to.

Whitetail Sports works in partnership with specialist sports organizations who, alongside Whitetail staff members, help to provide a fun, safe environment for athletes to grow.

What makes Whitetail unique?

Over 20 years of coaching and P.E education experience

Whitetail provides the opportunity to try some of the less accesible sports

Works in partnership with sports organizations to provide the best specialist coaches

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