What does Whitetail Sports offer for Sports Camps and Activities?

Whitetail Sports Camps and Coaching offers a variety of different sports camps and coaching events for school aged children aged 5 through to 16, at various points throughout the year with a focus on school holiday periods.

Currently we offer camps at Spring Break and Summer, but are looking into the addition of winter camps in the very near future.

Currently Whitetail Sports Camps and Coaching uses Deer Lodge Community Centre at 323 Bruce Avenue East as its base of operations for camps, however more locations will be added as we expand. The Deer Lodge location seves as a good split between North and South Winnnipeg due to its close proximity to Route 90.

What do we currently offer?

Spring Break Camp

Multi-Sports Camp - Deer Lodge CC

Summer Camp

Multi-Sports Camp - Deer Lodge CC

As other camps come to fruition, they will be added to the list you can see above and more in depth details can be found in the sub pages for those holidays eg. CAMPS/summercamp

We thank you for considering your child for our programs here at Whitetail Sports Camps and Coaching and look forward to meeting many new friends and campers in the up coming year.

               Coach 'G' showing us how to catch the ball with the fingers up method during a cricket session on our summer multi-sports camp in 2020

                   One of our campers during a wet day on camp during summer 2020, experiencing the coaching staff's ability to change and adpat to all situations. Here you see a make shift mini sticks game using pool noodles as sticks and a small bouncy ball as the puck. The arena is made up of lunch tables and chairs! Amazing!!