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COVID-19: What are we doing to ensure your child's safety?

Wow! What a crazy few years it has been! Everything we knew as our everyday 'norm' has changed. There is no doubt that COVID-19 has hasd an affect on everyone in the world. Education, sports, businesses have all been impacted in some capacity and may have been changed forever - who knows. What we do know is that with the correct precautions and procedures we can limit the chances, and that's what we are doing on our Whitetail Sports Camps.

We cannot guarantee that your child will not contract COVID-19 but we can guarantee that the risk will be severely reduced.

Here are some things that we are doing to reduce the risk of COVID-19:

1. Staggered days

- where applicable, younger and older campers will be split into age brackets.

Ages 5-9 will be grouped together and 10-15 will be grouped together.

- in order to stagger the day, the 5-8 age group will be working in sessions of 1hr  and the 10-15 group will be working in sessions of 1hr 20 minutes. 

- Both groups will have a 15 minute rest/hydration/sanitize period while staff use this time to sanitize equipment ready for the next group to use safely

- Staggered lunches. 5-9 age group lunch will be from 11:30-12:15 with the 10-15 group eating between 12:35 and 1:15 with the time inbetween being used to clean and sanitize​ the dining area

2. Face shields and masks

- first interactions with campers and family will be with face masks and face shields. Staff will wear these and families are encouraged to do the same for the first few days to help limit the risk of contagion.

3. COVID-19 symptoms whilst on camp

- If any of the COVID-19 symptoms are present on the morning of camp at home, parents are not to bring their child to camp that day and symptoms require to be monitored

- if a child becomes sick during a day at camp, they will be isolated from the rest of the group and a parent/guardian will be contacted to collect the child.

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